Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Accidents

To be involved in an accident could be terrifying. This could also be applied in the repair process. During the days and moments following the accident, you’ll be pondering many questions regarding what happened and what you should do next. There are some essential people you’ll basically need most you can call after an accident, like the staff from the best auto body shop MD you selected to repair your vehicle and your insurance company. If you’ve got any questions aside from the questions we list below, never hesitate to call an auto body repair shop. Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself should there be any accident happening: 

Do I have to contact 911 once I’m involved in the accident? 

Yes, you have to contact 911 immediately if you’re involved and injured in a car accident. When there are no injuries, it’s not really required to contact 911. But, it would always be a great idea to get a police officer to be with you within the area to help the situation you’re in and for you to file for a police report. 

What detail must I obtain from other drivers who are involved in the accident? 

It’s needed for you to have many pieces of details from any other involved drivers in the wreck. You must utilize the camera of your phone to capture their driver’s license, insurance card, and their vehicle’s license plate. 

What other evidence must I gather? 

Before you leave the area where the accident took place, make sure to take some photos of the accident from afar and up close. If you can, try to ask those who have witnessed their statements regarding what they saw. 

Must I reach my insurance company? 

Before leaving the scene, you should reach your auto insurance company right away to guarantee that you’re following with their claims process. 

Do I need to use the collision repair shop that’s recommended by my insurance provider? 

Generally, insurance companies will be providing you a list where they recommend that you get your vehicle serviced after the collision. However, the option would be depending on you and it is yours to make on your own. Regardless of which auto repair shop will you select, your insurance should payout on the claim as stated in your auto insurance policy. 

Where can I have collision repair in Silver Spring MD? 

Once you require expert collision repair within Silver Spring MD, you should visit Prestige Auto Body Inc. Our professional team consists of skilled and reliable auto body repair technicians who will help bring back your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Also, we will be more than glad to collaborate with your auto insurance provider. Aside from that, if you wish to learn more about our services or ask for a free estimate for collision repair in Silver Spring MD, never hesitate to reach our customer service representatives who you can reach 24/7. 

How to Choose the Right Fence

Choose among the nine common materials for fence installation. Find the kind of fences that best meets your budget and needs before starting to build it. Fences were always a convenient means to protect and dissuade unwanted visitors from your property. It works in keeping your dog safe within the property and keeping the kids away from the flower beds. You must choose a fence design and material to match your house.  

Call the local offices that handle zoning before installing a fence. You may need to do a survey first to know the property lines. Once all of these are done, the second thing to do is to select the right fence material. Wood is the most common choice.   

Different Types of Fences  

Cedar is a common type of wood fence but it naturally weathers into silvery gray materials. Maintenance is required for wood fence, including sometimes removing the surface. Apply a penetration sealant to provide protection soon after installation, then each year thereafter.  

Vinyl fences are fully maintenance-free when installed. Sometimes you just have to rinse the dirt using mild detergents. But that’s all the maintenance that you need to do.   

Composite is also a common type of fence. Only periodic sprinkling with water requires composite fencing for a well-known installation. That should keep you fresh and clean in its overall look and appearance.  

Redwood fences are also a good choice, but this one needs penetrating sealers or oils for maintenance. But this is done only twice every year. Redwood fences are treated in the same way as teak wood fences.   

Metal and aluminum fences, on the other hand, can go without rust for a long time. However, steel and wrought iron fences have to sprayed or brushed or sprayed to keep rust from forming. Failure to do this will initiation corrosion.   

Other Types of Fences  

Wood processed fences are pressure-treated cedar fences used for outdoor facilities like decks, gazebos, and pergolas. Although this more cost-effective fence solution, it has to be installed properly to work. It is best that you hire a Merrimack Valley fence replacement expert if you intend to set it up in your home.   

The other types of fence that can be installed are masonry concrete fences. These are stucco, stone, block, and brick fences. These fences add a beautiful touch to your home, although they come at a price. The materials also require professional installation. Masonry fences also need a concrete foundation poured under it.   

Chain-link fences are quite popular too, although they may corrode at the intersections, and it is hard to avoid. Try to switch to a chain-link fence that is vinyl coated for long service life and a better look. Another one similar to chain-link is barbed wire fences. Typically, they are designed to keep animals and other predators out of your property.   

If you need any of these fences installed, consult with a professional. They should be able to help you out not just with the installation but also with its repair and maintenance as well.